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Brazilian Blow Dry Liquid Gold Smoothing Treatment

Brazilian Blow Dry Liquid Gold Smoothing Treatment

Designed to regenerate, recover and straighten your hair, this treatment guarantees exceptional shine and softness to your hair without any stress.

It significantly reduces the absorption of water into the hair structure protecting the hair from salt water damage and reducing drying time by half.

Further protection from heat and styling tools.

Gold keratin prevents further damage to your hair. Enriched with 24 carat Gold.

This treatment lasts up to 4 months with care. (Sulphate shampoo MUST be used).

Dismiss the frizz: The liquid gold builds a protective shield against humidity the main cause of frizz.

Suitable for:

  • Frizzy hair
  • Curly hair

that prefers to be straight and sleek, this is an ideal treatment for busy lifestyles and perfect for holidays.

Excellent on Afro hair.

It is an ideal service for extremely damaged hair, to strengthen ends.

Brazilian Blow Dry Prices

Short hair £79

Mid-length hair £99

Long hair £129

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