Our Hair Straightening & Hair Smoothing Systems

Hair smoothing systems and hair straightening treatments are designed to recover and straighten your hair. 

The most common methods are Keratin Treatment, and Brazilian Blow Dry. 

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Liquid Gold Smoothing Treatment (Brazilian Blow Dry)

Brazilian Blow Dry Liquid Gold Smoothing Treatment

Designed to regenerate, recover and straighten your hair, this treatment guarantees exceptional shine and softness to your hair without any stress.

Gold keratin prevents further damage to your hair. Enriched with 24 carat Gold.  Click here to learn more about our Liquid Gold Smoothing Treatment.

New Hyaluronic Acid Smoothing Keratin Treatment

Working in a different way, this unique blend of ingredients is positively good for your hair and works by entering and working within the natural proteins (Keratin) of your hair to reshape, straighten and smooth. Click here to learn more about our Keratin Treatment.

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