Permanent waving means long lasting curls are created to last three to six months with correct aftercare.  A perm can boost volume and bounce in the hair, reshape natural curl formations and dramatically reduce the need for heat styling on the hair.  Different curl and wave types can be achieved by various techniques. Body waves, Beach waves or tighter curls should all follow the same aftercare advice.
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Sulphate-free shampoo will extend the longevity of the perm service.  A perm should not be washed for 24-48 hours immediately afterwards.  Curls naturally desire moisture so this is an important part of aftercare.    
Gents top £50
short hair £60
long hair £95
Olaplex is designed to protect the hair during the perming chemical process.  Olaplex will also protect colour in the hair when perming.  Olaplex is highly recommended in addition to the perming service.
Olaplex with Perming Service £25