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A selection of foil placements to emphasise natural fall and movement, or create bold statements to compliment your hair cut or style. 

Face framing Lights, Babylights, and Money pieces are all created with clever foil placement.   

Any colour.  Individual Foils are £5 each. 

Quarter Head £50

High impact. Enhancing whether natural or striking.  Can be placed around Hairline for Hair up effect. Any colour.

Half Head £70

Perfect for great coverage and blending of greys. Equally high impact with great placing. Popular in between full head of highlights service.  Natural or bold.  Placement variable.  Any colour.

Full Head Foils £95

Full coverage.  Blonde ambition.  Or as with all Highlight services, highlights can be lighter or darker, any colours chosen are inclusive.

Toner £15

A Toner works on lightened hair.  It can:

Naturalise blonde shades from icy cool to warm cashmere or honey blonde.  The bespoke blonde. 

Be vibrant with ultra bright paintbox colours,  (these will fade out to:)

Be pastel with subtle and demure colours. 

Always use a sulphate free colour shampoo for maintenance.

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