Hair Colouring Treatment

Fire Balyage with Cut and big Blowdry

Looking for Hair Colouring Treatment in the Northwood, Pinner, Ruislip, or Hayes area?

We are a Freelance Hairdresser service, and we offer a full range of Hair Colouring Services from Roots Tint to Full Head Colour to meet your every need.

Take a look at our options below to find the Hair Colouring Treatment that you’re looking for.

Root Tint

You can choose from Root Tinting hairlines, or full root tints to match mid-lengths. Click here to learn more about our Root Tint offers.

Full Head Hair Colouring Treatment

For shine, for vibrancy, for natural hues. Only the ultimate colour ranges best suited to your hair will be chosen. Click here to see our offers on Full Head Colour Treatment


highlights using foils for Quarter/Half/Full head. Click here to learn more about our Highlights offers.

Balayage Technique and Other Hair Freehand Colouring Techniques

A selection of freehand painting techniques (including Balayage Technique) to create contrast, eye appealing movement and colour to your hair. Click here to view our offers on our freehand hair colour techniques.

Hair Lightening and Toning

From Special lightening when only the most brilliant blonde will do, to hair toning like a topcoat for your hair. Toning could be subtle or dramatic depending on the look you’re going for. Click here to view our offers on hair lightening and toning.

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