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Delisa is a Freelance hairdresser service based in Hillingdon, offering a full range of hair services.

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Haircut & Blow Dry Bar

Highlights Cut & Styling

At Delisa London, a Cut & Blow Dry service, will make you look good, and feel amazing.  Firstly, we will discuss suitable options to ensure you are able to manage and maintain the style yourself.  Then attention to detail will help the style last and grow out effortlessly until your next service.  Check out our Haircut & Blow Dry Bar here, and view our full list of options for you.

Hair Colouring


We offer a full range of Hair Colouring Services from Roots Tint to Full Head Colour, freehand painting techniques (including Balayage Technique) to suit your requirements. Click here to view our hair colouring treatments and services.

Hair Smoothing and Straightening

Hair smoothing and straightening treatments are designed to recover and straighten your hair.  Minimising frizz by creating a barrier to humidity.  Minimising drying and straightening times and making life generally easier.  Click here to find out more about Brazilian Blowdry smoothing treatment.

Hair Perming

Modern perms are making a great comeback, especially amongst boys and men.  Longer locks can equally enjoy the benefits of this service which can take you from straight to curly, or redefine existing curls.

Click here to find out more about perming
Permanent Wave

top £50 / short £60 / long £95


Olaplex is the product that enters the hair structure and rebuilds bonds broken from previous hair services.  It can be added to the colouring or perming service to prevent damage during the process.  Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone treatment that your hair will thank you for.

Olaplex. Standalone treatment  £30

Olaplex. Insurance for your hair (added to colour/lightener)

short hair £10 / long hair £20