DeLisa: urban dictionary: to give pleasure

Our story

My earliest memories involved shopping for my Grandparents boutique named ‘Delisa’ after “my beloved Sister Debra and I.” This was the 1970’s in Ruislip, the only boutique at the time. Evoking the spirit of the 70’s, ‘Biba’ was the current style. Formerly owning a busy hair salon in Wembley, our family was besotted with fashion and hair.

Hairdressing was the way I wanted to express my creativity. From the perms of the 1980’s to today’s, it has been a technicoloured wonderful journey.


My Experience

I have 20 years of experience in the industry, working in central London and returning to local salons more recently. I am experienced and qualified in all aspects of Hairdressing and Barbering. I trained at the famous HOB Academy Camden, this was the most enriching experience of my career and I am eternally grateful for this.

Gratitude to all the Educators and fellow Stylists and Colour Technicians along the way. I am an Educator myself nowadays and take great pleasure in introducing this great industry to young aspiring students.

I love both colouring and cutting in equal measures, completing the journey of transformation and making someone feel really good about themselves.

I am experienced with all age groups.

I now freelance and have full Covid-19 certification complying with all government legislation.


Thanks for reading!